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Plump Square Pet Bed

This plump dog bed comes in small, medium and large. It's so comfy that you may find yourself curling up with your furry friend for a nap.
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Furberry Button Up Shirt

When your pooch needs a preppy casual top, this button-up designer inspired top will be perfect for event.
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Coco Chewnel Pull-over

Fashionable Pullover with cool quotes. This top will be sure to make a statement.
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Christian Dogior Tutu Dress

Beautiful Signature Designer inspired Tutu dress that will make your pup feel like a princess! She will surely be the bark of the town wearing this piece.
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Polo Collar Summer Shirt

Bright Polo Shirt for girl or boy. Cute for summer outing at the park.
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Hawaiian Flower Shirt

This bright, colorful Hawaiian shirt with a large leaf pattern will send your mind to an island paradise. Your pup is sure to brighten your day trotting around in this...

Backpack Harness

For your little fella or your little gal, this backpack will make a statement that you are not the average kind. Plus you will have a space to hide your...
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Furberrry White Collared Shirt

This classic Furberry patterned white collared shirt will elevate your pooch to the "in" crowd.