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Furendi Bandana

Furendi Bandana for when you and your pet are in a rush, but still want to look fly!

Furendi Sweater

This designer inspired warm signature sweater will look striking on your pet. Rich color of Black and Brown will compliment your pet's coat beautifully!

Furendi Zip Up Jacket

This Furendi jacket will keep your pooch warm and cozy on cool days. The designer inspiredlogo on the jacket adds an appealing touch and will make your dog stand out...

Furendi Reflective Jacket

This platinum designer inspired Furendi reflective jacket will keep your pooch fresh and stylish! The colorful holographic logos give the jacket a lively punch of color.
FurendiMatching Sets

Furendi Pet Harness and Leash Set

This stylish Furendi harness will keep your pooch safe and secure as you take your daily walks.

Furendi Hoodie

Cute Trendy Furendi Pullover Hoodie. Guaranteed to have all the tails wagging! Warm and cozy for a nice walk in the evening.