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Velour Insulated Buffy Couture Matching Set

Warm and comfy velour one-piece sweatsuit that will keep your pet warm for those cold winter walks.

Furberry Leash Set

This signature leash set will complement any ensemble with style and sophistication.
Matching Sets

Harness and Leash Sets

These designer inspired leash sets will allow you to walk your pup in style. Chose from Furberry and 2 Chewy Vuitton patterned colors.
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Bow Sets

These bows will keep your pretty princess neat and sweet! Match them with your favorite outfit! set comes with 2 bows! pick your favorite colors.
Matching SetsPupreme

Pupreme Harness and Leash Set

This designer inspired harness and leash set will keep your pup safe and secure on daily walks.
Matching SetsOff-Scruff

Off-Scruff Harness and Leash Set

This designer inspired leash will keep your dog safe and secure on your daily walks.
FurendiMatching Sets

Furendi Pet Harness and Leash Set

This stylish Furendi harness will keep your pooch safe and secure as you take your daily walks.

Furberry sweater and tie set (2 Piece)

Tails will be wagging when your stylish pooch shows up in this sweater and tie set in the classic Furberry pattern.